The story of Krystina and Alexander

continues in Stepping Stone, book two of The Stone Series...

Krystina Cole is flawed and damaged from a traumatic experience. A relationship with Alexander Stone will never work. She knows that her capacity for love is limited, and that only she alone can repair the pieces of her shattered heart. But Alexander is everywhere she turns. In her mind. In her heart. And in her soul. She cannot deny him. He is her addiction and she is unable to stay away.

Alexander Stone has accepted the inevitable. If he wants to hold on to Krystina, he must bare all and release the secrets in his past. There were risks, but she is worth it. No woman has ever affected him the way that she did. She is the sunshine in his darkness. The lightning to his thunder. She is his angel.

Bound by their passion to be together, Alexander and Krystina fight to let go of their pasts. Together, they embark on journey of self-exploration, relying on trust to be their ultimate bond. Falling completely into one another, there finally seems to be a beacon of hope for their future. But as they test their boundaries of desire, fate takes an unexpected turn, threatening their only chance of survival…

Thank You
This has been quite a journey.  From the day I hit the scary “publish” button on Amazon for Heart of Stone up until now, I have learned and experienced so much. Most importantly, I learned how generous the network of independent author’s are.  While there are too many individual’s to list by name, you know who you are. You are amazing and I am so proud to be a part of this community.

To Readers’ Favorite – thank you for giving recognition to Heart of Stone.  I am appreciative of the opportunities that you have opened up for me and I hope to see you next year!

To my readers – you have made this experience so much fun! You remind me of the reasons for doing what I do each and every day. From Facebook comments to helping me pick out an outfit when I’m in a panic – I love our interactions! I look forward to many more in the future. You are priceless.

To my beta readers – Audra, Jenny, Katherine, Beckie, Sasha, Lori, and Amanda. I couldn’t have done this without you. Your feedback on Stepping Stone was immeasurable and I will forever be grateful for your contributions.

To Lauren - snagging you as my PA was the best decision I ever made during this journey. I will never be able to thank you enough!

To my ARC family - you are awesome! Thank you so much for everything you have done!

And last, but never least, to my husband – thank you for allowing me to pursue my dream.  I love you so very much.

Reviews for Stepping Stone


A Complicated Love Story

"This story has the feeling of a love story but the secrets make things terrifying. It is part of a series but you could read it as a standalone but why would you do that? You will fall in love with Krystina and Alexanders story right from the first book!"
- Once Upon an Alpha


Dakota does not disappoint!

"I truly enjoyed the second book in the Stone series....I could not put this book down, just like the first one.
I loved how Alex slowly evolved himself to be what Krys needed in their relationship. She truly is his diamond in the ruff... Love finally makes its way through, and with some turn of events, I was left wondering if at times it was enough... I truly loved the Stone series and you will too!"

- Crystal's Book World


Simply Amazing...add it to your MUST READ list!

"Have you ever been so entranced by a man, that you can't think clearly when your near him? Krys has this problem with Alex. She wants to be strong and assertive and stick up for herself, but she just ends up looking at him and becoming a ball of hormones that will do anything he says.
I love these characters and truly can't get enough. These two have so much passion for each other, but have so much baggage that you hope they can find a way to move past it all. Can these two find a way? And where will it take them?"

- Rather Be Reading Book Blog


​5 Sizzling, Pull-At-My-Heartstrings Stars!

"​I thoroughly enjoyed his character transition from one book to the next. As his feelings grew stronger for Kristina, I totally melted the moment he realizes that he's completely fallen for her. As he struggles to find balance between his feelings and who he is as a person, the author does a great job of running a readers emotions through the gauntlet! Alexander Stone is officially my new book boyfriend! I cant wait to see what Dakota Willink has in store for book 3!"

- Jilliebean, Goodreads Reviewer


Awesome Read!

"Alexander and Krystina are an absolute must read. Trust issues and relationship issues are continued in this book. I loved this book and am impatiently waiting for book 3 in this series. This author knows how to spin a good story and made it worth it to read her book. I would recommend this book to those readers who liked 50 Shades of Grey."

- Tracie's Book Review Blog


Great book...must read!

"Stepping Stone was a great as the first one. In this one you get to know more about Krystina and Alexander, and get to see their intense but emotionally filled love grow deeper. It was a great book that I had a hard time putting down... Can't wait to see what going she's going to come out with next."

- Carla, Amazon Reviewer


Fifty Shades of Grey doesn't compare!

"Oh my gosh, what can I say! I thought I loved the "Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy" Hurry up Dakota with book 3 because I have replaced the old with something new!!! Again Dakota has written a storyline with well defined characters that had such intense chemistry that they kept me turning the pages so fast I couldn't wait to see what was happening on the following pages... Dakota, you should consider making a movie from your trilogy after you finish book 3, your books are that great!!!!"

- Pat, Amazon Reviewer


​Loved the first in the series and I love this!

"And she does it again! I loved the first in this series and I love this one too. Get to know Alex a little better watch them fall deeper for each other. They're a good team and the passion and chemistry between them is off the charts. I love that he's playful as much as she's stubborn. Their dynamic made me smile many times."

​- Melissa, Amazon Reviewer​​