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​Excerpt from Dakota Willink's Cadence Untouched...

Copyright © 2018 by Dakota Willink

     I stepped to the edge of the dock, poised to jump in. At the last minute, I turned and grabbed her forearm. There was no time for Cadence to react. Pulling her to me, I hurled us off the dock and into the water. 
     “Fitz!” she squealed after we resurfaced. “I can’t believe you did that! Do you know how freaking uncomfortable it is to wear wet jean shorts?”
     She looked downright pissed as she yanked herself free from my grasp. She swam away, then stopped after reaching shallower water. Once she had her footing, she turned back to look at me. Her expression was bold, almost daring. Then, to my astonishment, she produced a pair of sopping wet jean shorts from below the surface and tossed them onto the dock. I cocked up a brow.
     “Skinny dipping after all, huh?” 
     “Don’t get any bright ideas, slick. I’m still wearing my underwear.”
     Cadence. In only a wet tank top and panties.
     I nearly groaned in frustration as a visual of wet panties clinging to her body came to mind. My cock jerked to life; however, a half-naked Cadence didn’t mean she’d be up for sex on the beach. Somehow, I knew if I even attempted to make a move, she’d put a knee straight to my balls. 
     I dove under the water and swam in her direction. When I resurfaced, she was only a couple of feet away. 
     “You surprised me when you lost the shorts,” I said as I moved to close the gap between us.
     “I think I surprised myself, too,” she admitted with a nervous laugh. “My momma would wring my neck if she knew I was in the lake in my underwear–with a boy no less!”
     I reached up and touched her wet hair, allowing the blond strands to slide through my fingers. The soft wet locks fell limp on her shoulder and I tilted her head up to look me in the eyes.
     “What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her,” I whispered.
     Our bodies were close, nearly touching. 
     What am I doing? I shouldn’t touch her. Not here. Not like this. Not at all. 
     I didn’t know what was happening between Cadence and me, but it was bound to end badly. She and I could never be a thing. I understood my reality. As it was, my father already had me by the balls. If he found out I was messing around with the daughter of the camp owners, he’d be sure to crush them in a vice.
     “Fitz?” she asked, my name barely a breath from her lips.
     “Cadence,” I answered back.
     “I need to focus on school. I can’t get wrapped up in a guy. Plus, well…I’m not that kind of girl.”
     “I know you’re not, sweetheart.” My voice was gravelly as I eyed her heart-shaped mouth. Just like I had in the cafeteria, I reached up to trace the outline of her lips. Since she’d been shy of me, I didn’t want to scare her off by moving too fast. “I think that’s why I’m so drawn to you. You’re different from the rest.”
     I stared into her emerald greens with purpose, begging her with my eyes to believe me. I wasn’t giving her a line. In fact, I had never been more honest in my life. She wasn’t some random sorority girl who was oh-so-eager to let me get my dick wet for a night. Cadence was different. 
     And different was exactly what I wanted.
     I had been living in a state of perpetual fury. My narcissistic and overbearing father thought he had all the control. And while he might once I got back to D.C., he didn’t control me now. Not here. Not with her.
     That’s why I didn’t stop myself from leaning in. I wanted to taste her, to see if she was as sweet as she was in my dreams. She placed her hand on my bare chest but didn’t push me away. She gave me a look instead, one that tugged at the flesh of my heart. It was a small smile accompanied by the shake of her head as if she were saying, “Silly boy. It’s never going to happen.”
     I wrapped my palm around the nape of her neck, coaxing her head closer.
     “Fitz, what are you doing?”
     “I’m getting ready to kiss you.” She licked her bottom lip and her forehead furrowed, not sure how to respond to my statement. “Can I kiss you, Cadence?”
     Without warning, she closed her eyes and pressed her lips softly against mine. It was so unexpected, I froze. I thought I’d be the one to close the remaining gap, but as her mouth began to hesitantly move over mine, I relaxed and wrapped my arms around her.
     She was soft and so very sweet, just like I had imagined. Her kiss was almost chaste at first. Unpracticed. Yet it still managed to make my heart race. My tongue traced her lower lip coaxingly, searching for an opening. She gave in, parting her lips to invite me in with an eager sweetness that shot straight to my groin. When our tongues finally met, it was as if my blood turned to molten lava. It was so good… so very good. 
     And I was on fire.