Afraid to Love, Dare to Believe, and Promise to Live

When racing the clock takes on a whole new meaning... 

People say I’m arrogant and controlling. They’re right. That’s why I’m the most sought-after cardiothoracic surgeon on the East Coast—at least I was until life threw me a curveball. 
Now I’m back in my hometown and everything has changed—including Rosalie Pierce. 
To say she’s forbidden is too much of a cliché. It goes beyond that. Rosalie has always been special and my desire to make her mine is all consuming. The problem is, I'm her doctor. She's my patient—my most important patient. She can never know how much I want to take her, own her, and mark her as mine.  
Her life depends on it.

Connor Avery is no longer the person I once knew. That ruthless smile is complication I simply can’t afford. While he tries to play the part of the concerned doctor, I’m able to see past the façade. He can’t hide the savage beast struggling to burst forth. 
One glance turned into one touch. One kiss became one night. 
I crave his touch. I can’t resist him. 
I used to be a girl whose life was ripe with possibilities. But time has changed everything. Is he right? Are the stakes too high to give in to the one thing I desire most?