Afraid to Love, Dare to Believe, and Promise to Live

People say I’m arrogant and controlling. They’re right. That’s why I’m the most sought-after cardiothoracic surgeon on the East Coast—at least I was until life threw me a curveball. I told myself the move back to Cedar Rapids would only be temporary. But then Rosalie Pierce walked into my ER. She was strong, beautiful, intelligent—and forbidden. Sleeping with her would have serious consequences. Not only was she my best friends’ little sister—she was also my patient. I knew this, yet I couldn’t resist. One glance turned into one touch. One kiss became one night, leaving me to want so much more.

The last person I expected to run into was Connor Avery, my older brother’s best friend. When Connor left, he never looked back. Ten years ago, he barely knew I existed—but he was definitely noticing me now. I was no longer the scrawny pre-teen who secretly crushed on him.  Now I was a grown woman and there was no denying the way he hungrily drank me in. He was even sexier than I’d remembered—more ruthless and dominant. He was a complication I couldn’t afford. But then he kissed me, and my carefully organized life began to spin out of control. Even with so much at stake, I couldn’t stop it if I tried.