*Details & Pricing for Author Submissions

Each edition will be available in both full color eBook and print formats on Amazon, and will be opted in to the KU program. Publications will be promoted via Facebook & Instagram posts, and will include paid Facebook ads for additional magazine promotion.​


  • *SOLD OUT through 2019: Feature Interview (4-5 page spread: includes author photo on front cover, 10+ author interview questions, book & social media info, up to 3 book cover images, banner, 1 teaser, and author profile picture.


  • $40  Beneath the Surface with MADD (interactive author interview, Q&A and we counter your answer with another question, 3-4 pages depending on interview length, includes links to social media)
  • $30  Author Special Guest (2 pages: includes 4-7 interview questions, book cover and synopsis, author profile picture)
  • $25  Character Interview (2 pages: includes character POV Q&A, character quote, banner, book cover & synopsis)
  • ​$25 Narrator Interview (for narrators ONLY, 2 pages, interview, bio, social media links, profile picture or logo, and optional project of choice to promote)


  • ​$20  Spotlight (1 page: includes book and social media info, book cover and synopsis, optional author profile picture)
  • ​$20  Review Page (1 page: includes book cover and synopsis, social media info, plus editorial review from a blog or site of your choosing)
  • ​$20  Music in Books (For authors: Do you have a book playlist? Get a 1/2 page devoted to your playlist! Ad includes song list, Spotify link if available, social media links, and your book link.)
  • ​$20  Audiobook Feature (1 page: includes book cover and synopsis, optional author or narrator profile picture)
  • $10  Audiobook New Release (1/3 page book feature, includes book cover and synopsis)
  • $10 Comedy Cafe (Authors share their bloopers, must be less than 500 words - can be about writing, parenting, or any funny story that you think readers would enjoy, includes links to website and social media, short author bio)
  • $10  What’s Hot (1/3 page book feature, includes book cover and synopsis)
  • $5  Romance Fix (page shared with 5-6 books, includes book cover and short blurb)


  • ​FREE  Daily Taste (Authors share their favorite recipes and why)
  • ​FREE  Blogger Review Page (for book bloggers ONLY, includes book cover, synopsis, your book review, link to your blog, audiobook bloggers are included)
  • ​FREE  This and That (for authors ONLY, 1-2 pages, includes optional author profile picture, “rambling” about any topic of your choice, social media links, *not to be used as a book promo spot)
  • ​FREE  Show & Tell (authors share pictures of their swag items)
  • ​FREE Author Coloring Pages (we want your adult coloring pages!)
  • FREE Author Book Signing Events (Are you hosting an event? Let us know the participating authors, name, date, and location of the signing)


*For editing or proofing services, blog advertisement, cover design, etc.

  • $20  Miscellaneous 1/4 Page Ad Space 
  • $40 Miscellaneous 1/2 Page Ad Space
  • $50 Miscellaneous Full Page Ad Space 


Dakota Willink

Creator & Content Designer

​Cheryl Maddox

Executive Coordinator


Submissions for the Holiday 2018 edition are now open! Click HERE to sign up!

NOTE: If your submission is accepted, you will receive a confirmation email, an invoice, and an information request packet.

Invoices must be paid within ONE WEEK of receipt or you will forfeit your placement.

If you do not hear from us, it means that your submission was not accepted. This is not a reflection of your work, but simply due to limited space. Please feel free to try again.

For questions, please email LLinKorporated@gmail.com

For questions, please

email LLinKorporated@gmail.com

Love & Lace InKorporated

Magazine Design Sample Layout

*For print edition only. The eBook design layout will vary. The below images represent only a portion of the content so that you can view the layout designs.


Summer 2018


Fall 2018 


Holiday 2018

  • Cover feature information will be due October 1st.
  • Deadline for all other submissions is October 15th.
  • All payments & information must be sent to us no later than October 15th.
  • Magazine will be published December 15th.