​Excerpt from Dakota Willink's Stepping Stone...

Copyright © 2017 by Dakota Willink

     I looked up into his eyes. They were scorching, searing right through me and fanning the flames that flickered in my belly.
     Oh, no…
     “Don’t do that,” I told him.
     “Do what?”
     “That thing with your eyes. You’re trying to eye-sex me.”
     He flashed me another crooked smile and a low chuckle reverberated through him.
     “Is it working?”
     Um, maybe. Yes!
     But I couldn’t speak the words as Alexander leaned in closer to me. His mouth was mere inches away.  Even though I knew what was coming, I was unable to stop it. It was if my brain had shut down and my body took over.
     Suddenly, a tractor-trailer whizzed by, pulling on its horn.  The sound was deafening and I jumped, the interruption startling me out of my trance and back to reality.
     “I – I can’t…” I trailed off, at a complete loss for words, feeling pissed for being so weak.   Even after everything that I had been telling myself, I couldn’t last more than two seconds around him.
     How does he do this to me all the time?
     “You can’t what, Krystina?”
     “I can’t kiss you.  You can’t kiss me. We aren’t the same as we were before.  I don’t want you to think that there’s something still between us.”
     “Think? I don’t have to think anything, angel.  I know what’s between us.”
     I wanted to deny him more than ever, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to keep up the fight for much longer with him standing so close to me.  I summoned all the courage that I could muster, and tried to ignore the sexy way that a damp lock of hair fell over his brow.“There’s nothing,” I tried to deny.     

     The rain started to come down, the slow drizzle being replaced by large droplets that splattered on my cheeks.  I was about to mention that we should probably get out of the rain before it started coming down any harder, when Alexander placed his hand over my heart.  The feel of his warm hand on my chest stunned me into silence as my heart beat rapidly against his palm.
     “Are you going to deny that you feel it?” he asked quietly. His voice had become low and raspy, the sound of it resonating through me.
     “You’re imagining things,” I said, swatting his hand away.
     His eyes flashed dangerously and in one swift motion, he cupped the back of my neck and pulled me towards him.   Without warning, he crushed his mouth to mine.
     It happened so fast, that my breath was literally sucked out of me as I tried to free myself from his grasp.
     It’s wrong. I can’t do THIS!
     I could not accept his kiss. If I did, walking away again would be that much harder and the hurt even more unbearable. I kept my lips sealed in a firm tight line, refusing to give in.
     Alexander fought me and continued to crush his mouth down against mine. He ran his tongue over by bottom lip, testing me for a weakness as I continued to deny him access.  But I could feel the will slipping slowly away, my resistance now only halfhearted.
     “Don’t fight me, Krystina,” he murmured against my lips. “It’s been too long since I’ve last tasted you.”
     Lightning flashed in the distance and a low rumble of thunder sounded.  I moaned, losing all will power to hold him off any longer. My body involuntarily gave away, prompting my hands to fly up and grip the back of his neck. Alexander growled his approval and deepened the kiss, pulling my body tighter against his. Our tongues lapped and danced together at an urgent pace. It was so good – too good. When his mouth began to work over my jaw line, I resigned myself to being lost to him and hummed with pleasure.
     After a moment, he inched back slightly, our lips hovering over each other’s and our breaths mingling with every pant.
     “Do you still want to say that this is just a figment of my imagination?” he breathed.