Dark Romantic Suspense Standalone

There’s a common expression I remind myself of every day: that which does not kill us, makes us stronger. People think I live an idyllic life with my perfect husband, but they don’t know what lies beneath the façade. I’ve learned to accept what is, but I won’t let it destroy me.

Instead, I do the only thing I can to survive—I run.

*** TRIGGER WARNING: This story contains situations of domestic violence and abuse. Some aspects may be sensitive for some readers. ***

THE SOUND OF SILENCE is part of the Leave Me Breathless Black Rose Collection. This anthology features 7 full length novels and 4 novellas from Dakota Willink, Sienna Snow, Sierra Hill, Patricia D. Eddy, Sonya Jesus, Cayce Poponea, Pepper North, Elizabeth Knox, Crimson Syn, Sin Silverfall, and Jo-Anne Joseph. What will it take to tempt you?

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